History and beautiful nature of western Caucasus

Duration of the trip: 10 days

Ideal time for trek: June, July, August, September.

Brief introduction:  This trekking takes you to the north-west of Georgia, Svaneti region, an area between the two ridges of Caucasus, which was completely isolated 100 years ago and has retained its amazing charm to this day. During the trek we will get over 3.000 m high passes and be able to admire the 5.000 m glaciated giants of Central Caucasus. We will see the original mountain villages with typical stone towers, characteristic for this mountainous region. We will get beneath the feet of the highest Georgian mountain Shkhara and the Caucasian beauty - Ushba.

Trek route: Becho - Guli Pass - Mulakhi - Adishi - Kala - Ushguli - Mestia


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Price includes:

    Accommodation in Kutaisi in *** hotel - 1 night;
    Bed and Breakfast in Mestia in double room with facilities - 1 night;
    Accommodation Guest Houses - 7 night
    Full board - hot breakfast and dinner, lunch in the form of a package on the way or in proven restaurants during the way
    Guide for all the program
    Horses and cars to carry luggage throughout the trek;
    All transfers by plan.

Price does not include:

    Diversions from the main tour plan;
    Bverages (alcohol) and food not included in the main menu
    Transport to Georgia: International flight to Kutaisi

Detailed itinerary:

Day 1 - Arrival in Kutaisi or Tbilisi. Transport to the hotel, overnight.

Day 2 – Transfer from Kutaisi (Tbilisi) to Svaneti – Becho village, traditional dinner, overnight.

Day 3 - Treking (7-8 hours) through the valley of the Dolra river to the waterfall of the same name, then the Ushba glacier and back. In the case of good weather, wonderful views of the vertical rock walls of a four-thousand-meter giant. Georgian dinner, overnight.

Day 4 - Morning trekking to the Ghuli pass (2954m) and descent to the center of Svaneti - Mestia (7-8 hours). Accommodation at the guesthouse, dinner.

Day 5 - A relaxing tour through the villages of the Mulkhura and Zhabeshi rivers (5-6 hours),accommodation at guesthouse, dinner.

Day 6 - Trekking cross the ridge through the Tetnuldi Hearing Center to Adishi (7-8 hours). Accommodation in a local house. Dinner.  

Day 7 - In the morning departure for a trek to Kala village, initially ascent through the valley of the stream and then down the slope to the Zagari pass (2900m), then descent to the valley of the river Enguri to the village of Kala, dinner, overnight. (7-8 hours)

Day 8 - Trekking to Ushguli. The path leads first by serpentines to the slope and then parallel to the road towards Ushguli. A few kilometers before the village, it connects with a mountain road, which leads to Ushguli. Those interested can still go to the ruins of Queen Tamara's castle above the village. Dinner and overnight in Ushguli guesthouse (6-7 hours)

Day 9 - Radial hike to the Schara glacier, tour of the monastery above the village along the way. The more able trekkers can climb the first rubble part of the glacier up to a height of about 3500 meters, from where there is a beautiful view of the entire valley. Dinner, overnight stay (4-5 hours).

Day 10 - After breakfast departure to Kutaisi and departure home.


Food on the trek:

    Breakfast: Each breakfast consists of porridge and other meals.
    Another meal: Bacon omelet, cheese omelet, fried sausages, pancakes, cheesecakes, scrambled eggs with sausage, boiled egg.
    Dinner: Georgian dinners are rich, consisting of many dishes. The menu usually includes: Khinkali, Khachapuri, Kubdari and many other great delicacies.
    Lunch-box: Consists of main dish, fruit or dried fruit, processed cheese, salami, bread, chocolate, water (cold tea with lemon or compote)
    Full board in hotel restaurants or proven restaurants with excellent food quality during transfers and stays in towns


By plane: from EU to Tbilisi and back… NOT INCLUDED

By car: From the airport to Kutaisi, Kutaisi-Becho, Ushguli - Mestia, Mestia - Kutaisi. All company minibuses.

During the trek you only need your personal belongings and clothes and sleeping bag, documents. Food, drinks and accommodation are provided by us! Things to do on the trek (clean clothes, etc.) can be left in Tbilisi at the hotel, you will have them ready again when you return.

During the trek, your luggage is always transported to your next overnight stay. You carry only a backpack with personal belongings - jacket, headlamp, gloves, snack, drink, etc. Two days, your luggage will carry your horse between the village of Kala and Ushguli.