What will you experience thanks to HELSIKI with our company?

Heli-ski, HELISKI or heliskiing is an increasingly popular skiing experience in which there is no shortage of adrenaline. Heliski is also called helicopter skiing, which basically describes what the activity is. Enjoy Heliskiing with us in a flood of powder. The helicopter will pick you up below the slope, and in a few moments it will land with you on top of a hill or on a mountain ridge. You wear wide powder skis or freeride snowboards and you will start to descend the valley intact. It is a heli-ski with a Georgia-trip in Georgia.

Suitable locations for HELISKI

There are not many locations suitable for Heliski. The most famous are Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, Sweden and several areas in the former Soviet Union. These are located in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Kamchatka. We have been specializing in Central Asia and the Caucasus for many years. First it was Uzbekistan, then Kyrgyzstan and Georgia, and finally Kamchatka. We have been going to Uzbekistan on Heli-ski since 2004, we have organized more than 30 trips there during that time. We know the terrain, guide, snow conditions and some difficulties with the organization, connected with the regime of this Central Asian country. In Kyrgyrgyzstan, years ago, we helped with the establishment of the ski and heli-ski base Karkara, which is located in the east of the country on the border with Kazakhstan. Gradually, however, we began to specialize only in HELISKI in Georgia.

HELISKIING in the Caucasus in Georgia

But we offer the widest range of HELISKI in Caucasus in Georgia, because we have lived in this country for several years, we know the local environment perfectly, we run our own HELISKI and CATSKI base Bachmaro, located in the western part of the country in the Lesser Caucasus. In the Great Caucasus we have our base in the town of Ambrolauri, from where we organize heliski in the mountains of Lower Svaneti and Racha. The local slopes of the Lecchum ridge offer some of the best and longest heliski slopes ever. Thanks to its location near the sea, they have plenty of snow since the beginning of January and the altitude between 2000-3000 meters guarantees quality, deep, powder snow until the beginning of April.

Skiing after getting off the helicopter

In both places - in Bakhmaro and Ambrolauri - we have our own rented Agusta A-109k2 helicopters for Heliskiing. We also have our own guides, who own a license for the Georgian Mountain Guides, guides with international UIAGM licence and which we also train ourselves directly in the places where we fly and organize downhill skiing. If you choose a tour from our offer, we wish you a lot of pleasant skiing experience and we look forward to seeing you in Georgia, while you are skiing in undisturbed powder snow.

So now all you have to do is fill in this form without obligation or call us directly and ask us for any information that you areinterested in regarding HELISKIING in Georgia.