If you are looking for an extraordinary skiing experience, you will be pleasantly surprised by skiing in Georgia. In Bakhmaro, we operate a unique Mountain Ski freeride base in Europe, where it is possible to operate HELISKI, CATSKI and SKITOURING in one place. You can order these trips under the HELISKI or CATSKI headings. But these are not only our activities, because Georgia offers many others skiing experiences. Come with us to explore Gudauri resort in the Great Caucasus with more than 70 km of pistes, or unforgoteable Svaneti region on the skitouring.

Skiing in Georgia

It is said that Georgia is one of the last destinations where you can ski on natural snow, and it is true. The snow conditions in the mountains of Georgia are truly exceptional. You can take a ski trip to Georgia alone, in pair or as a group longing for an adrenaline adventure.

Skiing trips to Georgia

You get complete services on the territory of Gerogia included in the price of our programs : transport, accommodation, great traditional Georgian food, ski passes in ski resorts, a permanent guide for the whole time of your stay and certified experienced guide for freeride.

So, it´s up to you what you prefer if choosing your activities :-)