Are you ready to get down to the whirl of travel adventures and enjoy your free time to the fullest? We offer you fantastic opportunities to enjoy and get to know Georgia and experience the most interesting things which Georgia  offers  you  in every season.

What travel adventures we have prepared for you

CATSKI and HELISKI during winter and ENDURO trips during summer belongs certainly among the most interesting adrenaline experiences that we provide and organize in Georgia. These activities have become crucial for us and we can provide them to you as individuals and of course also to whole groups.

We organize other beautiful and interesting activities, whether with or without a helicopter, for groups of more than 8 clients. Than we can arrange helicopter experiences for you - HELIHIKING, where you will be transported to the beginning of your dream trek by helicopter, or HELIBIKING - when we will also transport you to the beginning of your hike with a bicycle, and the experience will be enhanced by your sightseeing flight supplemented by physical activities.

Or if we stay on the ground, we will organize a tour for your group - a trek, several-day trips on bicycles or e-bikes, which we have prepared for you, or we will provide you with an unforgettable trip through Georgian traditional wineries, where you will taste different varieties of wines from their true cradle.

So don´t hesitate to ask us - GEORGIA-TRIP ! smiley

Trips & Reportages

Check our photos & videos with stunning shots of Georgia nature & places, where you can spend unforgettable moments at many activities - catskiing, heliskiing, freeride on ski or snowboard, skitouring in winter or biking & touring at summer.

Photo & Video