Winetours in Georgia

Do you love wine, do you like traveling? We can organize winetours for you in the cradle of wine and viticulture in Georgia. Thanks to the warm climate, you can come here at virtually any season. However, autumn is ideal when the wine matures and it is harvested. Roasted shashlik smells everywhere from the vineyards, as a feast for gatherers, and nature is painted with autumn colors.

In Georgia we have prepared several types of winetours for you. In Kakheti, which is known as a cradle of wine production in the world, we organize winetours in the traditional way, when in one week we go around the Alazani valley with an air-conditioned minibus. Every day we visit several smaller and larger wineries, taste their products and at the same time stop at all the most important historical monuments, of which there are countless in Kakheti. For those who would like to consider winetours as a sightseeing tour throughout Georgia, we have prepared a longer, 12-day option with visits to other wine regions around Kutaisi, Batumi and mountain Adjara.

The tours are conceived as wine and sightseeing at the same time.

Cycling in wineries and monuments of Georgian in Kakheti

The second option is certainly interesting for more sporty individuals, when we offer wine cycling in the Kakhetian wine region. You can take the trip on your own bikes or you can take advantage of the offer to rent e-bikes from our rental in Georgia. Throughout this wine-cycling tour, a bicycle guide will be at your disposal, who will take care of the route, food and sleep in selected guesthouses and hotels. At the same time, an accompanying vehicle will ride with you, where you will have all your luggage, which will also function as a collection car for those who will be tired.

History of winery in Georgia

Georgia is called the cradle of wine because it has been found fragments of earthen vessels about 8,000 years old with remnants of wine production. Thanks to its warm climate, Georgia, especially the eastern one, has had ideal conditions for growing vines since ancient times. Becouse of the certain historical isolation of the area, a large number of endemic wine varieties have developed here. There are more than 500 species of original varieties, the most famous of which are red Saperavi and white Rkatsiteli, both species come from East Georgian Kakheti.

Production of traditional Georgian wine

Traditional Georgian wine is made in Qvevri, a clay vessel in the shape of an amphora, which is buried in the ground, from which only its throat protrudes. Thanks to the production, in which whole mashed grapes are fermented, even with leaves, skins and seeds, traditional Georgian wine has an distinctive taste and aroma. During the fermentation process, Georgians do not use artificial yeast, but the whole process is started by until all the sugar has been converted into alcohol. After that, it is left to lie for a few days to months together with the skins, thanks to which it acquires its unmistakable taste and at the same time it is naturally preserved in this way. natural yeast from the leaves and skins of wine. Becouse of the high sugar content of the grapes and also due to it's unique fermentation process in Qvevri, Georgian traditional wine has a high alcohol content.

Winetours in Georgia will definitely enrich every wine lover and bring him a lot of new unforgettable experiences from tastings and visits to monuments near the wineries. So now all you have to do is to fill in the order form without obligation or call us directly and ask us for any information that interests you regarding wine tours to Georgia.