What is exactly the cat-ski?

Cat-ski, catskiing or simply CATSKI is freeride skiing in which snowcats are used to transport skiers up the hill. At the bottom of the slope, they pick up a group of freeriders, take them up to the ridges or peaks of the mountains, from where then, under the guidance of experienced guides, they descend the slope into the valley. Each group has 12 people, usually accompanied by two professional guides. The main guide goes down the slope first, chooses the way down and at the same time checks the avalanche safety. The second one closes the group, checks all participants and helps them in case of falls and makes sure they don't get lost in the field.

Cat-ski is an ideal freeride variant for all those who do not want to ride only around the cable cars in the resorts, want to ski in deep powder snow on untouched places, on unpaved slopes with a minimum of skiers. At the same time, catskiing is a much cheaper freeride option than heli-ski, so it is accessible to a wide range of skiers. Last but not least, catski allows you to ski in almost any weather, because a snowcat, unlike a helicopter, can also travel in fog and snowing.

We have almost tripled the area that is skiing by CATSKI since of beginning of our project!!!

That's why we invite you to Bakhmaro, come to us for cat-ski, your best FREERIDE in life! smiley

CATSKI Bakhmaro base for freeride

We have built such a catski base for you in the mountains of the Lesser Caucasus in Georgia. We found beautiful slopes, partly wooded, which allow you to ski even in poor visibility and snowing. And there is a lot to do with us, because our catski base is located only about 50 kilometers from the shore of the Black Sea at an altitude of about 2000 meters. Thanks to this, most of the precipitation that comes from the sea "snows" in this place.

The variability of freeride skiing in our Bakhmaro is made possible by the combination of wide slopes overgrown with rhododendrons  in the upper parts between 2000-2750 meters and sparse forests, mostly beech in the lower areas. They allow you to ski in any weather and at the same time are very "technical and playful". Due to the proximity of the sea, between 5 and 10 meters of snow fall during the season, and it is important that the snow falls regularly, usually 1-2 times a week. It is very light, dusty and at the same time a little avalanche.

A huge advantage of CATSKI  in Georgia is the very easy access from Europe. The length of flights is between 3 and 4 hours and operators offer plenty of direct flights to Kutaisi or Batumi. You can practically get directly from your place of residence to our base in less than half a day.

How are the CATSKI stays organized

We organize catskiing for 12 member groups of freeriders as all-inclusive packages in combination with HELSIKI and skitouring. Of course, these packages also include full-board accommodation, transport to the base, rental of all freeride and avalanche equipment for a fee, and professional guides who ensure the safety of the groups. We ski every day from nine in the morning to about four or five in the afternoon, the only limit is the physical condition of the freeriders and the capacity of the snowcat tank. Usually, the average group is able to complete 8-10 descents a day and drive three to five thousand altitude meters. Around the noon we take a lunch break, where hot soup, tea and sandwiches are served, which we take with us to the snowcat in the morning.

If you are interested in our offer of catskiing in Bakhmaro, just fill out the order form without obligation, book your stay in our reservation system or call us directly and we will provide you with complete information about cat-skiing at our base in Georgia.