CATSKI? = FREERIDE with a snowcat  

Experience the best 6 days of freeride skiing in Georgian Bakhmaro!!!

PRICE for 6 CATSKI days :  2 490,- EUR per person in a goup of 12 people 

  • Mountain Ski base in Bakhmaro runs from the end of December to the middle of March
  • there is a place with a huge supply of powder snow - it´s close to the Black Sea
  • the snowcat can accommodate 12 skiers with 2 guides, we ride 2 snowcats at the same time
  • the elevation of skiing slopes are about 400 - 800 m , ie you can ski down 8 - 12 times a day
  • we will ski even in a low visibility or heavy snoving - in a beech or fir forest
  • direct flights from many European cities to Georgian Kutaisi
  • the best option is arrival and departure on Saturdays
  • we will provide all services in Georgia
  • the possibility of renting ski and avalanche equipment at our base (powder skis, poles, ABS backpack, probe, shovel, peeps)

Catski is an ideal freeride variant for all those who do not want to ride only around the cable cars in the resorts, want to ski in deep powder snow on untouched places, on unpaved slopes with a minimum of skiers. At the same time, catskiing is a much cheaper freeride option than heli-ski, so it is accessible to a wide range of skiers. Last but not least, catski allows you to ski in almost any weather, because a snowcat, unlike a helicopter, can also travel in fog and snowing.

We have almost tripled the area that is skiing by CATSKI since of beginning of our project!!!

That's why we invite you to Bakhmaro, come to us for cat-ski, your best FREERIDE in life! smiley

CATSKI Bakhmaro base for freeride

We have built such a catski base for you in the mountains of the Lesser Caucasus in Georgia. We found beautiful slopes, partly wooded, which allow you to ski even in poor visibility and snowing. And there is a lot to do with us, because our catski base is located only about 50 kilometers from the shore of the Black Sea at an altitude of about 2000 meters. Thanks to this, most of the precipitation that comes from the sea "snows" in this place.

How are the CATSKI stays organized

  • we will pick you up at Kutaisi airport after your arrival
  • we will take you directly to our Mountain Ski base by minibus and snowcat
  • if you arrive at night, we will transfer you to the hotel in Kutaisi and you will not transfer to the base until the morning
  • if you have a flight on Friday or earlier we can arrange a pick-up at the airport and hotel reservation. The departure to our base will take place on Saturday after joining the rest of the group.
  • ATTENTION!! You are going to the mountain destination, so prepare warm clothes - jacket, hat, gloves, proper shoes - for the trip to the base!!!
  • our Mountain Ski base cosists 3 connected houses. You are accommodated in double rooms with a shared bathroom for 2 rooms
  • there are warm blankets, clean bed linen and towels in the room
  • there is a large common room that serves as dinning room and the bar as well in our base
  • the rented equipment will be adjusted to you and the guides will carry out basic training for safety rules of skiing in the mountains
  • skiing is usually from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. , but the lenght of the day is primarily determined a guide, weather, your physical condition and snowcat´s tank
  • the whole group has 12 skiers and is accompanied by front and tail guide
  • all skiers must respect instructions of the guide!
  • each skier skis at his own risk!
  • each skier must have outdoor insurance for freeride for the all time of the trip!
  • after the last skiing day, after a dinner, we will transfer you to the hotel in Kutaisi and early morning to the Kutaisi airport
  • if the departure is on Saturday afternoon or Sunday, you can sleep after the last day skiing at the base and the transport will not be until next morning
What does 6 CATSKI days package include?
  • all transports in Georgia
  • 7 x accommodation (6 x overnight at our base and 1 overnight at the hotel in Kutaisi after your arrival or before your departure)
  • fullboard (breakfast in a buffet style, lunch to the snowcat, soup and sweet after skiing and rich georgian dinner)
  • nonalcoholic drinks
  • 6 days no limit guided CATSKI
What is not included in the package?
  • flight ticket (we recommend flights with Wizz Air company to georgian Kutaisi, we will be happy to advice you on flights)
  • insurance (if you don´t have your insurance for freeride, we offer KOLUMBUS PLUS from KOOPERATIVA, which is tailored to our activities - 100 EUR  for a weekly trip + possible additional trip cancellation insurance for 4% of the trip price)
  • rental of ski and avalanche equipment (it is possible to rent powder skis, poles, ABS backpack, probe, shovel and peeps at our base - for EUR 100 for the whole set and stay)
  • alcoholic drinks (available at the bar in common room - beer, wine, cognac, chacha)
Recommended equipment :
  • ski set and avalanche equipment (the whole set can be rented at our base for a small fee of EUR 100 for the whole set and stay
  • downhill or freeride footwear - ski boots
  • helmet, googles and sun glasses
  • waterproof full body clothing - ski jacket and trouse
  • warm middle layer
  • warm underwear
  • personal hygiene
  • personal pharmacy