Enduro in Georgia

We have decided to diversify our offers of non-traditional types of trips to Georgia and we have prepared offers for you of several differently difficult enduro trips in Georgia. In this country there are great terrains for organizing enduro, due to the weak infrastructure, in some places there are no completely asphalt roads and the connection between the villages is by forest or mountain roads ideal for organizing enduro trips. We organize enduro trips to different places and landscapes, in completely different directions. You have the opportunity to see with us the highest passes of the Caucasus in eastern Georgia, where the paths climb to almost three thousand heights. You can see the highest Caucasus peaks and glaciers during the enduro journey through the mountain Svaneti and Racha, Or you can ride through the endless forests and plains of central Georgia. All this is offered by enduro in Georgia.

Price for a weekly enduro trip

The price per person is 1990 Euros for the complete service - motorbike rental, petrol, escort, service buggy, guide, spare motorbike, food, accommodation.

Last available dates for the 2022 season:

SEPTEMBER: 23.9.-30.9

OCTOBER: 14.-21.10 | 21.-28.10

The dates are listed from Friday to Friday, but it is possible to adjust the arrival and departure of the group according to the flight schedule. Trips are intended for groups of max. 6 people. It is possible to choose another date by mutual agreement.

Enduro motorcycle rental in Georgia

In our enduro motorbike rental in Tbilisi, we offer Husqvarna 701 and KTM 690 enduro for rent. Only new regularly serviced motorcycles are available. When you rent enduro motorcycles from us, you will receive a complete set of tools for minor repairs, spare tubes and descriptions of the best routes in the area you are going to. Of course, there is also the possibility of renting motorcycles together with our guide and accompanying vehicle. If you want to rent enduro bikes in another area, we will take them to a place you specify.

Enduro trips around Georgia

We always organize enduro trips around Georgia with our instructor, who knows the routes well and always chooses the right one for you. at the same time, during the enduro trip, he takes care of the motorcycles, checks that everything works as it should be. we organize enduro trips during the summer season, starting at the end of April and ending in Nobember. We have selected diverse locations in several areas that vary in complexity for all enduro enthusiasts th choose from. An important factor in organiazing our enduro trips is the accompanying vehicle, wich accompanies the group throught the trip and carries all the  important spare part and personal belongings of all participants in the enduro trip. If you are interested in our offer about enduro, write for more information or call our telephone numbers.

List of enduro trip free dates for season 2022:

SEPTEMBER: 23.9.-30.9

OCTOBER: 14.-21.10 | 21.-28.10

Dates are listed from Friday to Friday, but it is possible to adjust the arrival and departure of the group according to the flight schedule. Trips are designed for groups of up to 6 people. By mutual agreement, it is possible to choose another date.


Trips & Reportages

Check our photos & videos with stunning shots of Georgia nature & places, where you can spend unforgettable moments at many activities - catskiing, heliskiing, freeride on ski or snowboard, skitouring in winter or biking & touring at summer.

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