All ENDURO trips are prepared preferably for groups of 8 riders. It is better to know the level of riding skills of your friends and it will be easier to decide about the route.

Region: Little Caucasus - Adjara Mountains, Javakheti, mountain areas around Bakuriani and Sairme

Price per person: from 1250, - Eur / person, for 7 - 8 people in a group

                               from 1650, - Eur / person, with 5 - 6 people in a group

Husqvarna 701 motorcycle rental: 140 Eur / enduro day (6 days)

Length of the trip: 8 days

Ideal time for completing the trek: end of May, June, July, August, September, October

Brief introduction: This enduro trip leads along the ridges of the Little Caucasus, starting in the freeride resort Bachmaro in the Adjara Mountains, leading to the ski resort Goderdzi, then along the Turkish border to the canyon of the river Mtkvari with the rock town of Vardzia. It then climbs to the Javakheti plateaus, past the largest Georgian lakes Paravani and Tabatskuri and continues to the Bakuriani ski resort. An old caravan travels along the way to the valley of the monasteries - Dzama. Eventually, he returns west and ends at a mountain resort with thermal springs - Sairme.

Trek route: Bachmaro - Gomismta - Goderdzi - Shuachevi - Goderdzi - Bashumi - Achalciche - Vardzia - Paravani - Bakuriani - Dzama - Achalciche - Abastumani - Sairme

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Price includes:

  • accommodation in Kutaisi in a hotel - 1 night
  • accommodation in local guesthouses during an enduro trip - 5 nights
  • accommodation in a hutel with thermal pool and wellness in Sairme - 1 night
  • 3 times a day food (hot breakfast and dinner, lunch in the form of a package on the way or in proven restaurants) on a trip,
  • accompanying the guide throughout the program
  • accompanying vehicle for the entire duration of the trip
  • all transfers according to the program
  • entrance and ecological fee
  • permission to enter the border zone
  • accompanying Polaris ATV with spare parts and tools

Price does not include:

  • motorcycle rental GAS GAS 700, Husqvarna 701 or KTM 690 = 140Eur / day
  • deviations from the main itinerary
  • drinks (alcohol) and food not included in the main menu
  • transportation to Georgia: international flight to Tbilisi or Kutaisi
  • Insurance for outdoor activities

Detailed itinerary:

Day 1 Arrival in Kutaisi, prepare motorcycles for the trip, overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 After breakfast transfer by minibus to the beginning of the trip to Bachmar. The route leads along a mountain road through several saddles to the village of Meria Keli, then along the lookout ridge to the top of Taginauri. From here back to Meria Keli and the Bachmaro-Khulo road. After the village of Kikibo, we turn into the forgotten Kvabliani valley, and cross the countless fords of the river of the same name to Natelati. From here we cross the Chanchakhi ridge to Green Lake. The final approx. 8 km is on a new concrete road, which ends directly at the hotel on the saddle Goderdzi, dinner, overnight.

ROUTE: 110 km, 4400 up, 4300 down, 95% off road

Day 3 Descent from the Goderdzi saddle to Danisparauli, after a very difficult mountain road to Gelauri, then between the Muslim villages along the old roads on the Khulo - Bakhmaro line, then to the Chidila saddle. From the saddle go down to the center of Shuachevi. From the city, just off the main road to Khulo. In Zamlet we turn into the Skhamta valley, which will take us to the Turkish border. From Bako village, across Lake Shuamta back to Goderdzi, dinner at the hotel, overnight.

ROUTE: 140 km, 4800 up, 4800 down, 80% off road

Day 4 Directly from the saddle from the hotel to Beshumi. From there on a mountain road along the Turkish border to Zazalo, through several villages to the center of Achalciche, after a tour of the fortress back to the mountains and along the Turkish border, beautiful mountain plains to Vardzie. The end drops sharply into Mtkvari canyon. Stay here in an agro guesthouse.

ROUTE: 140 km, 3200 up, 3960 down 80% off road

Day 5 From the Vardzie canyon through the serpentines to the Javakheti plateau to the village of Apnia, then along the edge of the canyon to the town of Achalkalaki, inhabited mainly by Armenians. From Achalkalaki a historic mountain road to the saddle between 3000 peaks and further to the largest Georgian lake Paravani. Around the lake on an asphalt road, after about 20km back into the terrain and dirt roads through the pastures to Lake Tabatskuri. From the lake to the saddle Tskratskaro and downhill to the ski resort Bakuriani. Overnight here in a hotel.

ROUTE: 150 km, 2900 up, 2500 down, 70% off road

Day 6 From Bakuriani to Mitarbi and further through the mountain valley through the old uninhabited villages towards the Tsalka dam. In front of the village of Rekha to an uninhabited valley, through which, after a large number of fords and difficult exits, we reach a ridge from which we descend to the Athens valley. The village of Levitana, which is at the very end of the valley, back to the mountains and the path that leads along the creek bed to another mountain ridge, behind which begins the valley of Dzama with more than 60 monasteries. From the valley along the old caravan route back to the two-thousandth saddle and down the junction to Mitarby and Bakuriani. Hotel.

ROUTE: 130 km, 3800 up, 3800 down 90% off road

Day 7 First on the asphalt to the Andesites, here begins another mountain road, which ends in Aspinza. From the town on asphalt and unpaved roads to Achaltsiche. From Achaltsich foothills, along the side roads to Abastumani Spa. From here, follow the beautiful mountain road to the Zekari saddle and then 25 km downhill to the Sairme mountain resort with its thermal springs. Overnight at the hotel.

ROUTE: 150 km, 3400 up, 4400 down, 70% off road

Day 8 In the morning it is possible to leave Sairme (600 m) on a 2700 meter high ridge with beautiful views or relax in the thermal pool at the hotel, in the afternoon departure to the airport and departure back home.

Recommended equipment:


  • protectors of all kinds
  • clothes for warm and colder weather
  • gloves, helmet, boots
  • underwear and socks
  • waterproof jacket and pants
  • fleece or softshell jacket
  • glasses
  • bag
  • headlamp
  • basic pharmacy
  • insurance
  • we also recommend sandals
  • leisure t-shirts, shorts or trousers

Transport during the trip and luggage transport:

By air: from Europe to Kutaisi and back… NOT INCLUDED IN THE TOUR!

By car:

  • An accompanying vehicle will be available throughout the tour - BUGGY
  • During the trip, your personal belongings will travel in the accompanying vehicle - CAR and will always be available to you at the destination. Things you will not need on the trip (clean clothes, etc.) you can leave in Kutaisi at the hotel, you will have them ready again when you return.

Additional services:


  • Complete service material, spare parts, service during the trip