Georgia-trip offers summer and winter activities for groups and individuals too. Enjoy your trip with your friends with CATSKI or HELISKI package on our winter base in Bakhmaro on Lesser Caucasus.  Or you can experience Georgia from the saddle of our ENDURO bikes during summer season.

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Our Bakhmaro winter base is located in the Lesser Caucasus, within reach of the Black sea, from where there is enough moisture. Bakhmaro lies on the first ridge from this and guarantees a lot of snowfalls with much of powder snow.

Experienced skiers will enjoy FREERIDE the most. But we don´t need to write that you don´t have to be a world champion and that you can learn something with us under the supervision of our experienced guide :-)

There are many direct flights from European cities to Georgian airport Kutaisi, which is the closest to our Mountain Ski base. We will pick you up at Kutaisi airport and in approximately 3 hours we will transport you by car and by  snowcat to our base.  We recommend to dress warmly for this transport :-)

We will be happy to advise you on a lecection of flight connection to Georgia.

Our Bakhmaro winter base lies at an altitude of approximately 2000m above sea level. The place is very deserted and our base offers some comfort in this snowy village. You will be accommodated in simple double or triple rooms. The bathroom with hot water is always shared by two rooms. You can find warm beds with a quality mattress, clean bed linen and a towel. WIFI is available in corridors of accommodation and in the meeting (dining) room.

Skiing with friends is more enjoyable, but if you are ready to meet other skiers as well as new areas, you can come to us as individuals. The whole CATSKI group is 12 skiers for 1 snowcat, accompanied by 2 certified guides. If you want to try HELISKI, you will ski in a group of 4 skiers and 1 guide. The best option for HELISKI is 3 groups of 4 clients at the same time, ie. the most economic option.

CATSKI group is 12 skiers accompanied by 2 certified guides - front and tail guide. The helicopter can fit 4 skiers and 1 guide. Ie. the best option is to split group of 12 skiers to 3 smaller group of 4 skiers and HELISKI can fly 3 groups at once. It´s the most economical option. The capacity of our Bakhmaro ski base is 24 skiers.

We have most of FREERIDE equipment ready for you at our base. You will be able to use our FREERIDE skis for powder snow that correspond to your height and weight, telescopic poles and no more less importantly is, your safety is also taken care of. We will equip you with ABS avalanche backpack, a probe, a shovel and a transceiver (peeps). You only come with your own ski boots (preferably also suitable for skitouring) and helmet with googlges. We have all frame bindings on our base, ie. cannot have your boots only for PIN binding!!!

passport, helmet, ski boots (best suited for freeride and skitouring), ski googles, sunglasses, sun cream, windproof jacket and trousers, scarf, hat, gloves, thermos for skitouring trips (who need), warm underwear, personal first aid kit, toiletries (towel is on the base), musical instruments and good mood :-)

Each group of 12 skiers who share their experiences in one our snowcat has two certified experienced guides with them which must be respected. At the beginning of your stay, the guide will give you an introductory briefing that will introduce you to the basics of using an ABS backpack and other avalanche equipment - probe, shovel and transceiver (peeps). You will have the opportunity to try this equipment. But beware - each skiers participates in this trip at his own risk and must have appropriate outdoor insurance!

The winter season of our Mountain Ski base in Bakhmaro lasts from the end of December to the middle of March. We adapt the beginning and end of the season to snow conditions to ensure safe movement of snowcats and enough adrenaline for skiers.


Enduro trips

Georgia-trip organize ENDURO trips from the end of May to the end of October. We adapt each season according to the weather and snow condition in the mountains.

Our ENDURO trips are designed for 8 riders. You can book it as an individual or as the whole group too.

The group is accompanied by a guide and an accompanying vehicle with technician (buggy or quad-bike), which carries daily necessities - drinks, spare clothes, tools for mostly necessary repairs. Our big car will take your big luggages to the next accommodation.

Yes. Before each trip, all participants are connected together and according their experiences and interest, together with a guide, the most suitable route is chosen. This can be slightly adjusted during the trip, depending on the weather and natural condition. So, it´s only up to you what do you want to see and what adrenaline you want to experience.

In addition to exceptional and constantly evolving routes of various difficulties, we have prepared ENDURO machines for you GAS GAS 700, HUSQVARNA 701 or KTM 690.

The basis of all equipment is your helmet and sturdy shoes. Don´t hesitate to take all your protectors with you, you can always put them away.  Otherwise, you need a waterproof jacket and trousers, gloves and good glasses. Son´t forget your passport and driving licence! We can take care of everything else in Georgia :-)


We are happy to prepare your hike-trip, bike-trip, wine or sightseeing tours directly to a small group of friends. Don´t hesitate to contact us with questions about the content or price, Georgia-trip will be happy to prepare your trip according to your wishes. It´s enough to have a group of at least 6 people. You can find inspiration for various trips on our website or set your own priorities :-)