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Thanks for the winter season 2021/2022 !!

Hi to all skiers and freeriders!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful season !! The weather and snow condition was wished most of you unbelievably and those who were not allowed a few meters of snow blankets will certainly not be bored on the freeride too :-)
This season we tried to expand our bases to other areas, which turned out to be quite unfortunate in terms of the overall organization. Therefore, for the next season, we will return to the established rules with a solid organization and only the opportunity to expand the slopes within HELISKI to the Racha area. Below I send a few pictures from this season.
I will be very happy if you send me feedback ... what you liked, but especially what you did not like, so that we can continue to improve and perfect.
We know that's what :-)
CATSKI & HELISKI & skialpinismus
Offer for next season!
For the next season, the reservation starts already, let you get a place on your chosen date!
Traditionally,  the deposit is 500 EUR, just choose the packages you want to enjoy.
A larger difference between the prepaid service and the service you order on Bakhmaro base will be set. I.e. we need to keep our great pilots in permanence and tension and let them know that you really want to fly !!
And to appreciate your support, we offer a 10% discount on the selected package for you when booking by the end of May!
Your questions, applications and requests are still at, ie. we need from you - name, date and selected package + deposit 500 EUR to the account 


PAYMENT    :    

  • Company  CHG LLC, Georgia, Tbilisi, Krtsanisi district, Gomi Street, No19
  • Bank : TBC Bank, 7 Marjanishvili St., 0102 Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Account : IBAN: GE12TB 7292 0361 2010 0009,  BIC/SWIFT: TBCBGE22xxx
  • to note : your name + date of your trip
CATSKI & HELISKI & skialpinismus
Thank you again and we are looking forward to you in the next winter!!!

All the best

form Mountain Ski team!


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