Created: 2024-06-19

Most of clients come  to us in Georgia with a classic ENDURO gear. But when he adds professional video technology, the whole trip takes a slightly different turn And too for us.

One of these cases was last year´s tour, when we welcomed our friends from friendly companies and to our place in Georgia. Upon arrival, the guys immediately unpacked several inflated drones, cameras, got on the machines, and with our guide at the trip, we set off on our journey. And thanks to the footage from the whole week, a fantastic video was created that shows Georgia from the best angless- from behind the handlebars and from a bird´s eye view.

Nature, culture, fun and adrenaline, shared moments with local food, and most importantly proper ENDURO. The fuys managed to transfer all of this into a video that takes your breath away in places. It will bring life in Georgia closer to someone, and we believe that it will convince many that visiting these places is really worth it.

Big thanks to the guys! Not only for visiting us in a place where we love it, but also for sharing their emotions and wxperiences with others. And you sit back, turn on the sound and enjoy them too! And maybe see you right here in Georgia.

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