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Gudauri – a young and rapidly developing winter sports resort located at Kazbegi. It's one of the best skiing resorts in Europe. The Gudauri Resort area and Mount Kazbek massif are excellent for Ski touring - is a great way to access nature as it was intended to be seen. The lifts provide easy access to the mountain wilderness that makes this region special.

Gudauri is a ski resort located on the south-facing plateau of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. The resort is situated in the Stepantsminda District, along the Georgian Military Highway near the Jvari Pass, at an elevation of 2,200 meters above sea level with a skiable area enjoying maximum exposure to the sun. Gudauri lies 120 km to the north of the capital Tbilisi and is two hours drive from the Tbilisi International Airport or even a short helicopter flight from the capital. The resort offers high-quality skiing opportunities.

The slopes of Gudauri are completely above the tree line and are best for free riders and are generally considered to be avalanche-safe. The ski season lasts from December to April. Heliskiing is also available throughout the season. With the necessary equipment and a bit of hard work, riders will be able to escape the crowds on the slopes and find some great skiing.

Our company – Georgia Trip has been organizing ski tours in Georgia for 15 years already. We offer you plenty of different ski-touring possibilities throughout Georgia, including at Gudauri Resort. There we offer complete Ski & Avalanche Equipment rental services, also, there we provide ski touring tours around Gudauri with professional guides. We choose the difficultly of the tour according to the abilities of our clients, teach you, how to use avalanche equipment, and offer great free ride slopes with elevations of more than 1000 meters for experienced skiers.

Gudauri is the best ski resort on the southern side of the Caucasus. It’s famous for its large number of sunny days and a huge amount of high-quality snow. Therefore, it’s the ideal place not only for skiing on the slopes but also for ski mountaineering and freeride activities. In addition to ski mountaineering, hikes, and riding in open terrain with our guides, we will also offer the opportunity for heli-skiing.

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