Created: 2024-01-29

Georgia's mountains are to skiers as Portuguese waves are to surfers. It's a place where you'll experience the true winter adrenaline rush, discover unforgettable views, and taste the local culture and cuisine. Because we'll take care of it all.

CATSKI and HELISKI is an experience of a lifetime 
When you say skiing, what do you imagine? Overcrowded ski resorts, lift queues, monotonous slopes? Try it differently, with us. Endless plains covered in meters of fresh powder, unique panoramas, and freedom in the truest sense of the word. And instead of a cable car, a roller coaster, or a helicopter. This is CATSKI and HELISKI in Georgia.

There are places that are normally hard to get to. Mountain tops that are not accessible by lift or road. At the same time, they are places that are perfect for freeride. That's why our base in Bakhmaro has rollerblades to get you to these places. Thanks to them, you will be comfortably transported to the slope where the adrenaline rush you've been dreaming of awaits you. That's CATSKI!

And because there are places even a rollerblade can't go, we have a helicopter to take the experience up a level. While one moment you're watching the mountaintop far above you, within moments you're looking down from the top into the valley below. HELISKI brings with it the magic of the moment that you just can't get out of your head.

Experienced guides will take care of your safety
Swapping a perfectly groomed slope for a snow-covered slope takes a bit of experience, determination, and courage. And because your safety is our top priority, you'll never go down any peak alone. Your back will be covered by experienced guides who know the terrain of the Georgian mountains like the back of their hand. They know exactly which way to go, how to react to unexpected situations, and how to enjoy the descent to the last second. And they will pass all their experience on to you.

A week of experience with a complete package of services 
Regularly serviced skis and snowboards, avalanche equipment, full board local food, delicious Georgian wine, and beer from our own brewery. All this is waiting for you at the base in Bakhmaro. All you have to do is choose your dates, buy your ticket, and set off with your packed backpack to meet the adventure. With direct flights from Prague and Bratislava, you'll be in the mountains in 4 hours, where freshly fallen powder is almost a certainty.

Gather your family, a group of friends, or a team of work colleagues and create new memories together in a place you'll want to return to year after year. Like most of our clients who have already tasted the magic of the CATSKI and HELISKI experience in Georgia. 

Still hesitating? Watch our latest video and see for yourself.

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