Price for 1 person: 3 640 Eur for at least 8 people in a group

Optimal number of participants: 8 or 12 persons;

Elevation of slopes: 400-800 meters

Number of runs per day: heli-ski 1.5 hour flight (approx. 7-9 descents) + surcharge is 13 EUR / minute,  cat-ski is no limited; 

Optimal activity time: February

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Day 1 - arrival to Kutais, pick up group at the airport, transport by minibus and snowcat to our Mountain ski base, accommodation, pick up ski and avalanche equipment, safety training and CAT-SKI and HELI-SKI rules.

Day 2 to 7 - no limit CATSKI - all day skiing CATSKI without limiting the number of descents or altitude meters - 5 days + 1day HELISKI = paid 1.5 flight hours with the possibility to buy another one for 13 Eur / minute flight. In case of interest it is also possible to buy additional flight days in the price of 1250 EUR / 1day / person. On the afternoon the last day of departure from the base of Bakhmaro with minibus and then transport to Kutaisi, departure back to home or accommodation at a hotel and overnight accommodation;

Day 8 - Departure back home for a flight that is up to this day. 

We can arrange all flights for you!


  • 5 days CATSKI without limiting the number of descents or altitude meters (everything is limited only by your physical condition and length of day!);
  • 1 day HELISKI - every day 1.5 flight hour with the possibility of buying another one in the price of 13 Euro / person / each started minute;
  • 6 x certified guide services
  • All transport services with "Mountain Ski" minibus; 
  • 6 x accommodation at the Mountain Ski base in Bachmaro in cottages with bathrooms on the floor; 
  • Possible accommodation at a hotel in Kutaisi - 1 night with dinner and breakfast; 
  • 3 meal per day, buffet breakfast, lunches in the form of lunch packs for the snowcat or classic lunch at the base, warm dinner from classic Georgian cuisine, non-alkoholic beverages included; 


  • Flight ticket;
  • Insurance of outdoor activities - we recommend insurance for our company KOLUMBUS PLUS from KOOPERATIVA insurance company
  • Consumption of alcololic beverages
  • Rental of freeride or skitouring ski with belt, poles
  • Rental of complete avalanche equipment - ABS backpack, avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel
  • You can rent the whole set of avalanche and skiing equipment for a fee of 100 EUR / trip (skis, poles, ABS backpack, probe, shovel, transceiver)


  • Freeride equipment - ski or freeride snowboard;
  • Shoes for freeride;
  • Clothing for skiing, freeride or snowboarding;
  • Helmet, goggles and sun glases;
  • ABS backpack, peeps, probe, shovel;
  • Thermos;
  • Personal hygiene items;
  • Personal pharmacy.



  • You will be accommodated in wooden houses in double or triple rooms;
  • One overnight at a hotel in Kutaisi after your arrival or before your departure. Otherwise you can spend one more night at our Mountain Ski base.


  • Full board is available throughout your stay in Bakhmaro;
  • Breakfast is buffet style;
  • Lunch is in the form of a packet for a snowmobile or helicopter - lunch on a chop consists of broth, bread, roasted meat, salami, cheese, vegetables, fruit and hot water for tea or coffee, while bottled water is also available;
  • Dinners are several-course and cook mostly renowned Georgian cuisine such as: Khinkali, Khachapuri, Shashlik, Chakapuli, Kebab etc., of course vegetables and salads…
  • Soft drinks are included in the menu… alcohol of all kinds is served at the bar…