Why go to heli-ski just in Tusheti

We invite you to one of the most beautiful freeride areas of the Greater Caucasus, the Georgian Tusheti. Let the helicopter transfer directly from the vineyards to completely intact powder slopes and enjoy their adrenaline experience at HELISKI. The peaks of more than 5,000 in the Greater Caucasus attract a lot of snow after a long winter season, so you can paint your lines in a new share of white powder snow. The twin-engine Agusta A-109 helicopter will always take you to the new powder area and a professional leader will take care of your safety.

Heli-ski in Tusheti with accommodation in 3* hotel Babaneuris marani

If you are deciding where to go for HELI-SKI and are hesitant to choose an area, then know that the Greater Caucasus will certainly not mind the quality of powder snow and the length of the slopes with other freeride areas. We have 14 spots in the area, which represents many dozens of different descents, with an elevation gain of 700 to 1,300 meters. In addition, most of the slopes are oriented to the north or northeast, which guarantees perfect snow for most of the season. As a bonus, after a busy Heliski day, you will be able to taste great qvevri wine from the local winery, in whose hotel you will be staying at all times.

The Right Time for heliski in Tusheti 

Because there is more snow in the western part of the country at the beginning of winter and because we operate the catski and heliski base Bachmaro in the Little Caucasus in January and February, we start heliskiing in Tusheti in March. After the end of the season in Bachmaro, we fly by helicopter with all the equipment to the hotel in Babaneuri, where the heli-ski season begins in Eastern Caucasus. Because the helicopter stays in Kakheti throughout the summer, we can operate the heliski in Tusheti in March and April too, as long as there is enough quality snow.

Heliski equipment

As part of HELISKIING, we offer rental of all ski and avalanche equipment that you will need. So you don't have to worry about the right equipment, such as proper wide powder skis or ABS backpack. Within HELI-SKI, we will lend you everything free of charge - wide powder skis with telescopic poles and, for your safety: an ABS avalanche backpack, probe, shovel and avalanche finder. I addition before you climb the slope, our guide will walk you through the basics of safe movement in the mountains.