What is interesting heli-ski in Bakhmaro and different from others

For Heli-ski, as well as for other types of winter activities such as Cat-ski or skitouring, conditions are ideal in many places in Georgia. We have built your own freeride base for you in the mountains of the Little Caucasus in the air bath Bakhmaro. In addition to heli-skiing, we also organize catski - skiing with snowcats.

We organize heli-ski from the end of December to the middle of March, when the snow and temperature conditions are ideal. We organize Heliski for groups of 8 or 12 people, who always ski in groups of four people with their own professional guide and spin in a carousel way one after the other. Freeride packages are offered as full-service, which means that the package includes a complete transport to the base and back to the airport, accommodation in double rooms, four times a day meal, six days of guided skiing according to the type of package. Thanks to the fact that we combine heliski with catskiing or skialp, you can always be sure that you will freeride for the whole six days, regardless of the weather.

Heli-ski and cat-ski base Bakhmaro

Our freeride base Bakhmaro is located about 50 kilometers from the Black Sea coast at an altitude of about 2000 meters. Due to the proximity of the sea, there is a large amount of precipitation all year round. In winter, we regularly get between 6-10 meters of snow, which creates ideal conditions for heliski and skiing in open terrain. The regularity of snowfall is also important, usually 1-2 times a week, thanks to which it is possible to go down the same slopes repeatedly in one week. Another important factor is the variability of the slopes, where the wide plains are alternated with a sparse beech forest, which allows you to ski even in poor visibility. In addition, all heli-ski areas are within 10 minutes by helicopter.

How heli-ski works with Georgia-trip

Take a group of your friends and come to us to have fun with freeriding. You will experience countless adrenaline experiences with us, you can combine HELI-SKI with catskiing or skitouring. You can arrange all activities in a single week and you will be assured of a great ride every day. You won't be bored for a moment. And that you don't have the necessary equipment? You will have all ski and avalanche equipment available to us free of charge - wide freeride skis, telescopic poles, ABS avalanche backpack, probe, shovel and avalanche device. If there is no weather at HELI-SKI, you will sit in a snowmobile and ski CATSKI on beautiful freeride slopes in a wide beech forest, where there is good visibility even when it snows. In addition, you will have professional guides at your disposal at all times, who will take care of you while riding and at the same time will help you with advice or recommendations during evening freeride analyzes with wine or beer.