Sightseeing by helicopter

A sightseeing flight by plane or helicopter is always one of the top experiences everywhere in the world where they organize them. A helicopter flight has the advantage over the aircraft that it is also possible to land practically anywhere, to land in an interesting place, to take a picture as a souvenir. Especially in the mountains, where there are interesting views of the surrounding hills, valleys or glaciers, such an option is great. And this is exactly the experience we can give you at our base at the Ethnograph Hotel in the Kazbegi Valley.

Kazbegi is ideally located for sightseeing flights. Nearby is the massif of 5,000 Kazbeg with many glaciers and eternal snow in the peaks. On the other side of our base are the peaks of the Chaukhi massif, which with its wildness and beauty does not compete with the towers of the Dolomites.

What helicopter we use for heli-sightseeing flights to be absolutely safe

Because our base for helicopter flights is located in the mountains at an altitude of almost two thousand meters and we operate all flights up to altitudes of around four thousand, it is important to use helicopters with sufficiently powerful engines so that they do not have problems flying at such altitudes. Because the most important criterion for us is your safety. Helicopters can land safely at altitudes above 4000 meters. The cabin can accommodate up to 6 people. In addition, they are piloted by two pilots, which further increases the safety of flying in the mountains.

Organization of heli-sightseeing in Kazbegi by our company Georgia-trip

We organize sightseeing flights in Georgia in Kazbegi from our hotel Ethnograph. We fly practically all year round, except for the months of January and February, when we organize heli-ski in western Georgia at our freeride base in Bakhmaro.

As we have already written, we have at our disposal eight-seater twin-engine Agusta A-109k helicopters. We organize sightseeing flights for groups of 1-6 passengers. The price of the flight is always for the whole helicopter and is divided by the number of people in the cabin. Helicopters and all their operations are insured with a multinational insurance company. Before the start of each flight, participants shall be acquainted with the safety rules necessary for the operation of the helicopter and, as a general rule, the behavior on board during the flight.

You can order heli-sightseeing from three packages of different flight lengths - 15, 30, 60 minutes. With the fifteen-minute package, you can choose from two flight options. The first and more used is towards Kazbeg with its glaciers, the second option is to fly towards the towers of Chauchi. A 30-minute flight will give you a wonderful and long view of the entire valley of the Tergi River, you will fly around Chauchi and return through the Sno Valley to the base at the Ethnograph Hotel. The hour package also includes landing on a suitable mountain ridge, from where there is a great view and where you can take a short walk to take photos.