Heli-hiking is a new type of mountain activity that will allow those interested to go on a mountain hike in watery, untouched places of the mountains, where there are no paths, only mountain trails, which take many days. That's why a helicopter is used to move you, which will simply transport you across mountain ridges and valleys to the place of hiking itself, ie guided mountain hikes. Heli-hiking originated in Canada when heli-ski companies sought use for helicopters in the summer. As the name implies, it combines two activities, mountain hiking - hiking and helicopter flight - heli. The experience of a mountain trip is further enhanced by flying over the mountains in a helicopter, where you will find wonderful views of the ridges and peaks of the Caucasus.

Variants and routes of our heli-hiking trips

We have prepared for you several such heli-hiking trips in the East Caucasus. You will have the opportunity to look at the Abudelauri lakes or the Gergeti glacier below the top of Kazbeg. Both trips belong to the cheaper variants of heli-hiking, because in the morning a helicopter will take you to the given locality and hiking will lead you back to civilization. At the end of the route, our car will be waiting to take you back to the Ethnogrph Hotel.

The other two heli-hiking routes that we have prepared for you lead to areas that you would normally get to in a few days. The first is to Lake Tanie in the Pshavi-Chevsureti National Perk and the second to the beautiful remote area of ​​Tusheti. It is unique for its traditional mountain life in stone villages, flocks of sheep and beautiful unspoiled nature with a minimum of tourists. Both heli-hiking trips take place in such a way that in the morning a helicopter will take you from the hotel to the area and in the evening after completing the trek, it will take you back to the base.

Heli-hiking with Georgia-trip

Georgia-trip will allow you to experience unforgettable experiences with unusual activities. One of them is HELI-HIKING, which will allow you to fully experience the whole trip in the beautiful Georgian countryside. The twin-engine Agusta A-109 helicopter will take you to the beginning of your trek by combining your trip with a sightseeing flight over inaccessible areas of the Georgian mountains. From the luxurious base of the Ethnograph hotel, the helicopter will take you to the beginning of your trip to the deserted valleys of the Greater Caucasus or allow you to experience a glacier hike under the 5,000-meter Kazbeg. Suddenly you find yourself in the untouched Georgian countryside and you can enjoy a tourist trip without much effort, enjoying the beauty of the Caucasian countryside. It's up to you what experiences you choose.

How heli-hiking organization works

In the morning we will meet at the reception of our Ethnograph Hotel in Kazbegi-Achkhoti, where you will receive all the necessary instructions regarding safety and transport by helicopter. Then, together with your mountain guide, you will fly to the mountains, where you will complete your chosen hiking route. During the meeting you will get a snack and a drink on the hike, the itinerary of the route and you will discuss the difficulty of the whole trip. Those interested will receive trekking poles. We plan the whole trip according to your assignment of various lengths and difficulties. We can prepare for you a serious all-day trekking or just a light walk combined with relaxation in the untouched and deserted nature of the Caucasus. In the afternoon or evening, a helicopter will fly for you again and you will fly back or our off-road car will be waiting for you at the end of the trek, which will take you back to the hotel, where you will be able to absorb unique experiences on your hotel terrace.

Heli-hiking equipment:

Because we can cover a long distance very quickly by helicopter and reach a considerable altitude, where the temperatures will be lower, it is necessary to have the right clothes and equipment.

Every heli-hiking participant should have:

• Sturdy hiking boots, ideally waterproof

• Waterproof jacket

• Comfortable long pants (preferably "zip-off")

• Warm fleece jacket

• Scarf or hat

• Gloves

• Sunglasses

• Backpack approx. 30l

• Thermos or drinking bottle