Price for 1 person: 50 EUR

Introduction: We offer a one-day bicycle tour to the Truso Valley. The tour participants will have the opportunity to explore the ruins of Zakagori Town-Fortress and enjoy the breathtaking views of Truso gorge.

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Itineraries: Our bike trip will take you from the village of Almasiani. Along the river Tergi will cycle through the 2350 m (from the sea level) pass. At first, we'll visit the Zakagori “boiling” lake and mineral travertines, then through the valley of the Tergi River to the Zakagori ghost town-fortress. We'll cycle back to the starting point with the gravel road along the Tergi River, with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the
Tergi valley.

Cycling route details:

Regions to be visited:

  • Mtskheta-Mtianeti;
  • Distance to be covered by car: 13 km;
  • Distance to be covered by bicycle: 35 km;
  • The difficulty level of cycling tour: medium

Road Type: Gravel Road - 100 %
Elevation Gain: 750 m
Min. Elevation: 2000 m
Max.Elevation: 2400 m
Est. Moving Time:  3 h.

Additional Information:

  • The total length of the Cycling Tour: 1 full day;
  • Meeting place: to be determined;
  • Meeting date and time: to be determined;
  • Return date and time to Tbilisi: to be determined.

Cost of the Cycling Tour includes:

  • Transfer by Minibus (From Tbilisi to Truso and vice-versa);
  • Provision of tour participants with electric mountain bicycles and protective equipment (helmets);
  • Guide (Instructor).