Beautiful one-day trips on bikes around our E-bike bases

We have prepared for you an offer of day trips on e-bikes from our rent in Tbilisi, Kazbegi and Mestia. We have a perfectly run every cycling trip and described it in the itinerary, which you will discuss with your guide before the start of the trip. He will ride the entire selected route with you and will take care of your safety. Before the start of the trip, they will introduce you to the e-bike, show you how to handle it so that it will take you safely to the destination of your route.

Equipment and organization of trips on E-bikes

You will also receive a bicycle helmet, a spare tube, a repair kit in case of a defect, a flashlight and a drinking bottle. Then you will go on your chosen trip. If he leads directly from our rental shop, he will ride his guide straight on his bikes. If the bike path

Georgia-trip biketour equipment

In our rentals we use e-bikes from the Czech manufacturer Totem bikes. These are not standard bikes, but we have them built to order depending on the terrain in which we operate in Georgia. We have five frame sizes from 16.5 "to 22", so that a person of any height can choose. At the same time, we offer bikes with tire sizes of 27.5 "and 29", depending on who suits whom. The suspension is solved by an air-oil Santour fork with a stroke of 100 mm. We use two types of electric motors in our e-bikes, a Chinese Bafang motor and a COMP from a Czech manufacturer. Both types have a five-level regulation of assistance.

Choice of routes for our biketours

In three of our destinations - Tbilisi, Mestia and Kazbegi, we have prepared 15 different cycling routes for you. These differ in length, elevation and technical complexity. It will be up to you to choose, with the help of our guide, the right one that will satisfy you the most. In Kazbegi and Mestia we have four routes on four routes around Tbilisi. All routes have one thing in common and these are beautiful views of the unique, unspoiled nature of Georgia.

Trips & Reportages

Check our photos & videos with stunning shots of Georgia nature & places, where you can spend unforgettable moments at many activities - catskiing, heliskiing, freeride on ski or snowboard, skitouring in winter or biking & touring at summer.

Photo & Video