Mountainbike trips through all regions of Georgia

Thanks to its diversity and countless natural beauties, Georgia is also a paradise for mountainbikes. That is why we have been organizing mountainbike trips here for many years. During that time, we managed to perfectly map and get to know Georgia and its cycling possibilities. We have discovered many unknown mountainbike routes here, which we would like to take you.

Because we do not want our offer to be too complicated, we have prepared four trips for mountain bikes or e-bikes for you. These include cycling routes to virtually all regions of Georgia. We have included the fifth cycling trip in the offer of trips through the vineyards, because it is also cycling, but it completely leads through the wine region of Kakheti and it includes many visits to wineries associated with the tasting of Georgian wine.

Mountainbike trails

All other bike paths mostly lead along mountain, forest or at least few driven asphalt roads of Georgia. The first trip maps cycling routes in the mountainous areas of Svaneti and Racha in northwestern Georgia. The second will take you to the completely deserted Adjara Mountains of southeastern Georgia, where you will meet only here and there local herders, who live in wooden houses without electricity, with their slow way of life.

New bike path in central Georgia

Another bike path is completely new and we discovered most of it and drove it this year in 2020. It leads through the mountains of central and southern Georgia, which are perhaps even less populated than mountain Adjara. The last route is our classic, it is the longest, very interesting and maps the mountain areas of Khevsureti and Tusheti. On this cycle route, we overcome two mountain saddles more than 2,500 meters high in both directions, so we get through this altitude a total of 4 times.

We hope that you will be interested in our offer of cycling routes in Georgia and that we will meet on bikes in Georgia sometime in the future.

Organization of cycling routes with our company Georgia-trip

We organize all our cycle routes with a full accompanying service, so we provide, in addition to accommodation and full board, also a professional guide who knows all the cycle routes perfectly, an accompanying vehicle for the entire duration of the trip. The vehicle with the driver rides behind the cyclists at all times and is ready for you in case of indisposition or fatigue. At the same time, it takes all your things to the place of the next night.

We have accommodation on all bike paths selected and provided in local guesthouses, where they cook perfectly, there is a shower and usually also a garden where you can wash your bikes and in the evening you can sit and drink something from the selection of Georgian wines or cognacs.

The last important point in the organization of our bike routes in Georgia is the offer of renting e-bikes from our rental shop directly in Georgia. Thanks to this, practically all cyclists who are interested can take part in our cycling trips, no one is limited by their physical condition and the number of trained kilometers.