History of skitouring in Georgia

It has been more than twenty years since we were one of the first pioneers at the very beginning of ski mountaineering in Georgia. At that time, in the wooden times of ski alpinism, we started to drive the first groups of our friends to the Caucasus for skitouring ascents.

We were also one of the first to take a winter skitour ascent  to Mount Kazbeg, Georgia's third highest peak.

We remember how the locals looked at us in disbelief as we left for the snowy valleys on the seal belts, with the proviso that we would definitely return safely again without any problems. These were the funny beginnings of skitour in Georgia.

Skitouring equipment rental in Gudauri

Today, in addition to organizing ski mountaineering trips to all mountainous areas of Georgia, we also run the largest skitouring equipment rental at the Gudauri ski resort. You can choose skitour skis of all possible widths from us, including powder snow specials, even with seal belts. We also offer shoes and telescopic poles.

Because we also place great emphasis on safe movement in the mountains, we also offer complete avalanche equipment - shovels, probes, avalanche lokator, including avalanche ABS backpacks.

Our organization of ski tours in Georgia

Georgia-trip offers the organization of short one-day alpine trips from comfortable accommodation in the four-star Ethnograph Hotel in Kazbegi-Akchoti as well as several-day ski mountaineering trips around various areas of Georgia - Svaneti, Kazbegi surroundings, Bachmaro and more.

We organize all alpine trips with complete transport, accommodation in years-proven boarding houses and food. For those interested, we have prepared professional guides with a license, who will take care of your safety when you ski.

One-day skitours in the Gudauri and Kazbegi area

One of our specialties is the organization of one-day ski mountaineering trips with accommodation in our hotel Ethnograph in Kazbegi. Here we combine skitouring ascents with freeriding around the Gudauri resort, where cable cars can be used to speed up the ascents. Of course, for all those who only want to walk and enjoy the peace of deserted valleys, we have prepared a sufficient number of such descents and ascents.

Skitouring in outlying  areas of Georgia

If you want to think of skitouring as a sightseeing trip to the deserted mountains of the Caucasus, we can arrange multi-days skiing in Bachmar around our cat-ski base in the Little Caucasus or in the mountains of the recently forgotten area of ​​Racha, where there are also a large number of beautiful ascents.

We can also take you to Svaneti, where we organize ten-days  ski alps, during which you will get to know three freeriding  areas at once. Ushguli - the highest permanently inhabited village in Europe, Mestia with its centers Tetnuldi and Hatsvali, Becho lying under the majestic wall of Ushba.

On the ski-mountaineering to the top of Kazbeg (5047 m)

Another of our specialties, at the beginning of which we actually stood, is the winter ascent to Kazbeg on skitour skis. It is of course intended only for experienced ski mountaineers and good skiers,

who for their achievment are always rewarded at the end with more than a two-hours descent into the valley, which has three kilometers of elevation gain!

So now all you have to do, is fill in the order form without obligation or call us directly and ask us for any information that interests you regarding ski alps in Georgia.