PRICE: from 1190 EUR per person

AREA: Kazbegi, Tusheti, Khevsureti, Kakheti, Javakheti




This OFF-ROAD CAMPER 4x4 trip takes you to the eastern part of Great Caucasus, the abandoned mountains of Khevsureti and Tusheti, as well as to the winery and a large number of historical sites in Kakheti. In the second part of the program we will go through the southern regions of Georgia, in the distant areas of Javakheti and across the ridge of Little Caucasus, we will return to the capital city of Tbilisi.

We offer the entire program as an all-inclusive service. You will have an experienced guide who is also the mechanic of your car. Also, the chef who takes care of your comfort and gourmet experience all the time. If you wouldn't like to drive your car yourself, we provide the driver who takes you safely through the tour for an additional fee.

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  • 2 nights - accommodation at the hotel after arrival to Georgia and the last night before departure
  • 9 nights - accommodation in CAMPER 4x4 during the next days
  • 3 x daily meals for the whole trip - first and last night half board in the hotel, home made food from our accompanying chef for the rest of the trip - hot breakfast and dinner, lunch boxes during the ride, water for free, beer and Wine for moderate fee
  • CAMPER 4x4 rental all the time + fuel for the trip to itinerary, car insurance
  • Guide - technician in the car
  • Entrance to the National Parks


  • Flight ticket to Georgia
  • travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages and wine tasting
  • Crossings outside the approved itinerary
  • other services not included in the 'PRICE INCLUDES' chapter


Detailed itinerary: 

Day 1 - Arrival in Tbilisi; getting information about 4x4 CAMPER, dinner, and overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 - Departure from Tbilisi to Kazbegi along the “Georgian military road” through the Caucasus ridge. In Kazbegi area, drive to Sameba Monastery, then Truso Valley and Dariali Monastery on the Russian border. After that, visit the mountain village of Juta below the towers of Chaukhi. Overnight at Gudamakari pass overlooking Kazbegi Mountain.

Day 3 - Departure through the valley of Gudamakari to Pasanauri village back to the main road and from there to Jinvali Dam - tour of the Ananuri Fortress. From there along the mountain road of Pshavi province, across the Datvisjvari pass to the north side of Caucasus to Khevsureti. Visit the stone village of Shatili near the border with Chechnya, then the Mutso Fort. Overnight beside the springs of water beyond the village of Khonischala.

Day 4 - From Khonishala the same way to Jinvali Dam, then via Tianeti and two passes to Kakheti. Crossing the northern part of the Alazani Valley to Pshaveli direction to the beginning of the legendary mountain road to Tusheti. Overnight on the way to the river canyon.

Day 5 - In the morning we start to climb the mountain road up to the Abano pass (the highest road in Europe), on the way possibility of swimming in sulfur springs, then Omalo - center of Tusheti. Then through the valley of Pirikita Alazani river to Dartlo, Girevi to the end of the road. In case of good weather, crossing over the valley to Shenako and Diklo. Overnight here.

Day 6 - The next day you will cross the Gometsari valley, through Bochorna (the highest permanently inhabited village in Europe), Dochu to Jvarboseli. Then back on the way under the Abano pass. Overnight at a beautiful mountain formation under the pass.

Day 7 - Crossing the Abano pass back to Kakheti, Napareuli (wine museum), Nekresi monastery, wine tunnel in Kvareli, Signaghi, Telavi - the capital. From there to the Gombori pass and continue to the Iori River valley, here overnight.

Day 8 – Departure to Tbilisi in the morning and further to Javakheti. Along the way, visit Samshvilde Canyon, then towards Tsalka. Overnight at Dashbashi Canyon.

Day 9 - From Dashbashi around the Tsalka Dam to Tabatskuri Lake. Through the Akhalkhalaki to the canyon of the rock town Vardza - there a city tour. Overnight at the Mtkvari River Valley.

Day 10 - From Vardzia to the Tskhratskharo pass, then directly to the Bakuriani mountain resort, Borjomi Spa. Continue along Mtkvari to Gori (birthplace of Stalin) and to Uplistsikhe (ancient rock city). Overnight in the mountains outside the city of Kareli.

Day 11 - Cross the ridge to Tsalka, then through Manglisi village and Kojori pass back to Tbilisi. The last night stay at the hotel and the final dinner.

Day 12 - Transfer to the airport; departure.


Recommended equipment:

  • Sandals, flat shoes;
  • T-shirt, shorts, socks;
  • Travel long pants (ideally with detachable trouser leg) for inputs to the monastery complexes it is necessary;
  • Impermeable fleece jacket;
  • Sunglasses, cap or hat;
  • Small backpack (about 20 liters);
  • Travel insurance.



  • 2 x hotel
  • 9 x CAMPER 4x4 KEROUAK, which provides all comfort for 4 people - 4 beds, table with 4 chairs, fridge, shower, toilet, sink, stove, independent heating system and plenty of storage space for personal belongings