Caravaning - in Europe and the U.S. it is a more and more popular way of an active holiday. It gives you freedom of traveling and exploring wild and inaccessible areas. Caucasus highlands and lowlands are ideal for this kind of traveling, but there are many roads in bad conditions. That’s why we have specially designed off-road cars CAMPER KEROUAK 4x4. With this car and our professional services, you enjoy an unforgettable holiday in still untouched nature.

What is CAMPER 4x4?

It is a full-fledged off-road car with all-wheel drive, differential lock and speed reduction, on which the residential extension is built. All-wheel drive and raised chassis allow you to reach the most remote areas and places where normal roads end. The residential extension ensures comfortable overnight accommodation for up to four people, anywhere on the road. It contains everything you need for a pleasant stay in nature. Four beds, table with four benches, fridge, shower, toilet, sink, stove, independent heating system and plenty of storage space for personal belongings.




We have prepared several programs around whole Georgia for you. We offer these programs according to seasons that you would be able to discover this country under the Caucasus Mountains perfectly and unconventionally. The whole program is designed as an all-inclusive service. That means the guide – mechanic who knows the way and also helps with any technical problem is with clients all the time. The chef who prepares meals is available all the time as well. The clients can just simply enjoy the trip and even if they would not like to drive their car themselves, we provide the driver who takes them safely through the tour for an additional fee.


This way of traveling is ideal for small groups of 4-8 people who want to experience much more than traditional travel agencies offer. Moreover, to such groups, we are able to prepare and customize programs according to their wishes and our experiences because we know Georgia perfectly!