Caravanning and camper is an increasingly popular holiday in Europe and America, which will give you the freedom to travel and explore, allow you to get to know even the most remote corners of the landscape. And the Caucasus, it's perfect for this way of traveling. You just need to use an off-road car for driving, because there are still a large number of roads that a normal Caravan has no chance to drive.

The ideal combination is off-road with the KEROUAK 4X4 "camper" residential superstructure, in which you will experience real freedom and, thanks to our professional escort services, also a wonderful holiday in unspoilt nature.




What exactly is the Off-road camper 4x4

It is a full-fledged off-road all-wheel drive, differential lock and speed reduction on which the KEROUAK residential superstructure is built. All-wheel drive and a raised chassis allow you to get to the most remote areas and places where normal roads end. And the residential superstructure on the body ensures comfortable accommodation for up to four people, anywhere on the road. The camper superstructure contains everything you need for a pleasant night's sleep in nature. Four beds, shower, desk, toilet, independent heating, water tank, stove and plenty of storage space for personal belongings.

Programs with Offroad camper in Georgia

We have prepared for you 3 types of programs with an Offroad camper around Georgia, which we offer according to the seasons so that you can get to know this country under the Caucasus untraditionally, but absolutely perfectly. One program focuses more on the western part of Georgia, passing through the Svaneti valleys and inaccessible roads in mountain Adjara. The second program will take you to  hard-to-reach areas of the Eastern Caucasus - Tusheti and Khevsureti. The third is for those who want to see the whole of Georgia at once and do not mind a crowded program every day.

The whole program is designed as an all-inclusive service. That is, the client has a guide-technician available throughout the trip, who knows the route and at the same time helps with possible technical problems. The important thing is that if you are a group of acquaintances, it is not necessary to stick to the exact itinerary of the trip, because Camper allows you to stop in any beautiful place and spend the night exactly where you like it best.

There is also a chef at all times, preparing Georgian specialties so that you have time to soak up the many experiences that await you at the end and beginning of the day. For those who would not even want to drive their car, we will provide a driver (for an additional fee) who will take you safely throughout the trip.

This type of travel in off-road campers is ideal for small closed groups of 4-8 people who want to get to know and experience much more than traditional travel agencies offer. In addition, we are able to prepare and customize such groups according to their wishes and experience, because we know Georgia perfectly!