Khevsureti and Tusheti - East Georgia 

Price for 1 person: 1690 EUR

Duration of the tour: 15 days 

Ideal time for trekking: June, July, August, September 

Brief introduction: This trip takes you to the border regions of eastern Georgia - Khevsureti and Tusheti. It is known mainly for its wine production, beautiful historical monuments and great food. During the trek we will pass through the slopes of the Caucasus, fertile Alazani valley, and visit several beautiful monastery complexes. We will also head to the most remote region of Georgia, the mountain of Tusheti. We cross twice the highest road pass in the Caucasus - Abano 2994 m. 

Trek route: Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Shatili - Tianeti - Akhmeta - Omalo - Dartlo - Diklo - Jvarboseli - Alaverdi - Gremi - Kvareli - Sighnaghi - Tbilisi 

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Price includes: 

  • Accommodation in Tbilisi in *** hotel -2 nights;
  • Accommodation in Signaghi in guesthouse - 1 night;
  • Accommodation in Kvareli guesthouse - 1 night;
  • Accommodation in Alvani in guesthouse -2 nights;
  • Accommodation in Omalo in the guesthouse - 4 nights;
  • Accommodation in guesthouses in double rooms with facilities in Tianeti, Roshka, Shatili - 4 nights;
  • Three times a day meal on the trek 

Warm breakfast and dinner during crossings, lunches in well-tested restaurants along the way or in the form of lunch boxes. 

  • Accompanying the guide throughout the program;
  • ccompanying vehicle throughout the tour;
  • All transfers by plan;
  • In the end traditional Georgian dinner in Tbilisi;
  • Bottle of water 1,5l every day.

 Price does not include:  

  • Diversions from the main tour route;
  • Drinks and food not included in the main menu;
  • Transport to Georgia and backwards;
  • Wine tasting 

Detailed itinerary: 

Day 1 - Arrival in Tbilisi in the evening or early morning - transfer to the hotel, overnight. 

Day 2 - After breakfast departure by car from Tbilisi to Shatili to the beginning of the cycling route. Along the way stop in the former capital Mtskheta. Upon arrival in Shatili rest, dinner, overnight. 

Day 3 - In the morning through the valley to the border with Chechnya, then a slight ascent to the Mutso Fort and further to Ardoti, where the road ends. On the way back you can go to the neighboring valley to the village of Khone back to Shatili. Dinner and overnight in guesthouse. 
Cycling about 45 km 

Day 4 - After breakfast, drive towards Datvisjvari, a beautiful valley up to 2400m from the sea level. From the pass downhill with a lot of serpentines to the turning to Roshka, then a steep climb through a lot of serpentines to the village. Here overnight in the family guesthouse, dinner. 
Cycling about 48 km 

Day 5 - From Roshka, first downhill to the main road and then slightly descent to the Zhinvali Dam, from there by a long, long ascent along the new road to the pass. From the pass with mountainous road to Tianeti. Here the bed in the guesthouse. 
Cycling about 72 km 

Day 6 - From Tianeti, the undulating landscape continues to the Shakhvetila pass. From the pass a long steep descent all the way to the Alazani valley to the town of Akhmeta. Going slightly downhill all the way to Kvemo Alvani. Overnight in family guesthouse, dinner. 
Cycling about 50 km 

Day 7 - After breakfast, by car to Pshaveli village, where the mountain road to Tusheti begins. From there the road rises in many switchbacks to almost three 3000 m of the height of the Abano pass. From the saddle follows a long descent into the middle of Tusheti. At the end of the day, there is still a trip to Upper Omalo. Accommodation in the guesthouse, dinner, overnight. 
Cycling about 72 km 

Day 8 - After breakfast a tour of the fortress above the village, then a descent to the Pirikita Alazani River, followed by a trip to the beautiful village of Shenako. Tour of the village and the church, then the mountain road to the village of Diklo. Back to Omalo  with the same way. Overnight in the guesthouse. 
Cycling about 40 km 

Day 9 - In the morning departure on the forest road to the village of Dartlo, tour of the village-fortress. Further down the mountain road through a number of fords to Chesha and Girevi. Along the way wonderful views. Return with the same way to Omalo. Dinner and overnight at the guesthouse.
Cycling about 70 km 

Day 10 - After breakfast, we will leave the Gometsari Valley, high above the river with spectacular views of the mountain villages on the opposite side. We will reach the village of Verkhovani, back to the same way through Jvarboseli and Bochorna to Omalo.
Cycling about 70 km 

Day 11 - Descent from Omalo to the valley of the river, where we climb to the Abano pass. From the pass over 30 km long descent to the Alazani valley to the village Pshaveli. From here to Alvani. Rest, dinner and overnight at the guesthouse. 
Cycling about 72 km 

Day 12 - After breakfast in the morning a relaxing ride through the vineyards of the Alazani Valley. Wine tasting in Napareuli, historic Gremi, wine tunnel in Kvareli. Then accommodation in the hotel, dinner. 
Cycling about 50 km 

Day 13 - Departure to Signaghi in the morning, sightseeing, then visit the nearby Bodbe monastery. In Signaghi dinner and accommodation in hotel.  
Cycling about 55 km 

Day 14 - In the morning after breakfast, return to Tbilisi, we will visit the old town of Tbilisi, visit the Turkish baths with thermal pools, saunas and massages, then the traditional Georgian style dinner, overnight at the hotel. 

Day 15 - Transfer to the airport, departure. 


Recommended equipment: 

  • Mountain bike and bicycle equipment (inflator, keys, repair kits, spare tubes, etc.);
  • Cycling clothing for warm and colder weather;
  • Cycling gloves, helmet, drinking bottle;
  • Underwear and socks;
  • Trekking shoes
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers;
  • Fleece or softshell jacket;
  • Caps and gloves;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Cycling backpack;
  • Headlamp;
  • Sun cream + basic pharmacy;
  • Insurance;
  • We also recommend sandals, swimwear;
  • T-shirts, shorts, pants with detachable leg 


Additional services: 

  • THERE IS A POSSIBIITY TO ADAPT THIS TRIP FOR GROUPS, SHORTEN OR EXTEND IT BY SPECIFICATION AND AGREEMENT.                                                 If you want to reduce this trip, it is possible to join the group before entering Tuscheti (Day 6) and thus shorten any stay on the bike path according to your needs and time possibilities. Alternatively, it is also possible to end it earlier, for example after the return of the mountainous Tusheti - Day 11 !!!!