If you are looking for a destination for an interesting exotic holiday with lots of sights, unspoiled nature, great food and wine. Take a sightseeing trip to Georgia with us.

Why choose Georgia for sightseeing tour

In the last few years, Georgia has become a very interesting and sought-after destination for sightseeing tours for organized groups and individual travelers. This country has all the prerequisites for that, because above all it is an absolutely safe land. For us Europeans, it has the charm of exoticism and at the same time is very easily available from all European countries. Georgia is also a country with a huge history, becoming the second country after Armenia to adopt Christianity as the state religion in the fourth century. There are a large number of historical monuments - monasteries, churches and cities, which allow travelers to look into this rich past of the country.


Sightseeingtours for the Natural Wealth of the Caucasus

In addition, the country is still almost untouched, which is also very diverse and allows people to see during their trip most of the climate in areas smaller than the Czech Republic. In Georgia you can find glaciated Caucasus mountains, wild and deep mountain valleys with waterfalls and mountain rivers. There are also the original intact mixed forests, rock formations, in the southeast lies a semi-desert area and in the west forms the border of Georgia Black Sea.

Thanks to this wealth, we are able to offer you several variants of sightseeing tours that will take you to different areas of this diverse and interesting country.

Georgian nation and tradition

Georgia is also a land of traditions of which Georgians, as well as its monuments and nature, are justifiably proud. It is a very proud nation that has lived here for several thousand years, which the Mongols, Persians, or the Russians and Turks have not been able to conquer. Likewise, Georgians are proud of the production of their wine, which they have been preparing for generations in the village for the same method by fermentation in qvevri and for their food, which is tasty and delicious.

How different its sightseeingtours with Georgia-trip?

Especially since we are Europeans who live in Georgia for most of the year. We know local customs, we know how the country works. Over the years we have lived here, we have developed deep bonds in most areas, thanks to which we are able to show you things and places on your sightseeing tour that others have no idea about. We have a network of guesthouses and hotels with which we cooperate and we know that we will always find the best food, drink and service on our travels. And thanks to our other activities, such as sports equipment rental, helicopter flights or the production of Czech beer, we are also able to add some extra experience to you.

We have prepared for you four types of sightseeing tours to different parts of Georgia, which are of different lengths. For small and large closed groups of travelers, however, we are able to create a sightseeing trip exactly to measure. We can add visits and wine tastings, trips and e-bikes or arrange sightseeing flights by helicopter in the mountains.

So, if you are interested in our offers, just fill out this form without obligation or call us directly and ask us for any information that interests you about sightseeing tours in Georgia.